Growing plants during cold months Blog / Garden

Whether a seasoned gardener or not, growing and caring for plants in the Winter and colder climes can present itself a challenge. From the radiating warmth of the summer (although many times raining!), through to the cooling down of Autumn, the change in season and its temperature can be tricky to get just right – especially if you find yourself a little underprepared in the...

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Six ways to host six Blog / Inspirations

Yesterday we saw another coronavirus lockdown restriction in England lifted – where we are permitted to meet up in groups of six. And really, it couldn’t have arrived at a better time: it’s officially Spring here and we’re already feeling the effect of the sunshine.  As rumour has it, we are due for a mini heatwave too. So this got us thinking – what are...

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Yellow and grey: styling your home for 2021 Blog / Home / Inspirations

They’re the official colours of 2021. Every 12 months, Pantone chooses a specific shade which forms the backbone to the year ahead. It’s avidly followed by artists, designers, printers, manufacturers, hairdressers – practically anyone who uses colour in their works. And for the four seasons ahead, it’s time to let yellow and grey into the spotlight.   A BRIEF HISTORY   The ‘Pantone Matching System’ was...

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Reworking your home for Autumn Blog / Home / Inspirations

Cue the evenings drawing in earlier, the air becoming crisper and the leaves slowing draining into hearty shades of rustic hues. Autumn has finally dawned upon us, shifting from the long hot days into the nights where all we want to do is get cosy and snuggle up on the sofa. With the new season finally in our clutches, it’s time to place hard focus...

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Blog / Inspirations

Spring Bucket List Hello Spring! Our days are now longer, sunnier, and warmer so there is no better time to do something new. Be it for self-care or caring for others, here are 22 things to do this Spring (in any order!). ☐ Spring Clean! This doesn’t need to take a life-time. A swift dust and shine, clean the windows & vacuum every floor of...

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Getting the most from your time at home Blog / Home

With all of us being in self-isolation, we’re spending an unprecedented amount of time at home. As things look uncertain outside, we want to help you create the ideal space inside. We’ve created a little guide to make sure that you’re keeping healthy whilst getting the most of your time at home. As our working environments change, it’s important to have a proper working space...

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