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Yesterday we saw another coronavirus lockdown restriction in England lifted – where we are permitted to meet up in groups of six. And really, it couldn’t have arrived at a better time: it’s officially Spring here and we’re already feeling the effect of the sunshine. 

As rumour has it, we are due for a mini heatwave too. So this got us thinking – what are six different ways you can host six outdoors and in your garden?


1: BBQ 


An obvious one but still a great idea at that – a BBQ. There’s nothing better than bringing your best together and enjoying good food, good drinks and even better company. A simple idea, but you do require having the right equipment too. It’s important that you have a working BBQ. Outsunny’s range caters to all different kinds of budgets. If you’re looking for something low cost with a good output, go for this portable one. Indeed, it’s small and it might take longer to cook your food, but what’s great about this one is the air vent for control of smoke and the handle so you can venture outside your garden with it if you wish. For something a little bit more prestige, then take this American-style BBQ grill. Here you really do have it all: a main grilling area, a small side smoker box, shelves and air vent. Its cold rolled steel shell is very tough and the wheels mean you can move it around easily.

With our weather being unpredictable, make sure you grab yourself a BBQ tent, it’ll keep your equipment effectively shielded if it does decide to let out a few drops of rain.




If you’re missing the sun and sea, why not try to recreate the experience in the best possible way at home? A hot tub is a fun way to keep cool and will be perfect when the heatwave hits. You can keep it fancy or relaxed – whatever is more up your street.  And although we don’t have any hot tubs to offer, we’ve got plenty of accessories to help make your day in the tub extra memorable. To keep you protected like you should do, use a parasol. This will help prevent anyone from getting sunburnt! This overhanging cantilever umbrella is an excellent choice, its side pole means your canopy will be put to full use and it’s pretty lovely to look at too. For something really special which will take you from day to night, then this solar light cantilever is a fantastic fit. With no electricity required to power it, this piece is safe around water.

If you’d need a shelter which is more full coverage, then opt for a gazebo. This Outsunny pop-up shelter is highly recommended, thanks to how easy it up to set up, its open airy feel and the simple, yet elegant design.





If you’ve been exercising by yourself, then the rule of six will be a welcome change. Getting into a group is great for revitalising that motivation and doing something a little different. There are plenty of activities you can do outdoors. Some of these include:

Outdoor assault course: Create your own mini trial, incorporating pieces like a skipping rope, stepper
, dumbbells, hula hoops and on-the-spot jumps and moves. Split the group and do a relay to add in a competitive element. 

Yoga: It’s great that it can be done anywhere, but in the warm is even better. Grab this mat to give you a dry workout surface, keeping your clothes and skin away from any grass stains and allowing you to focus better on your positions.



Trampoline: If you’re fairly new to exercising and want to do something fun with friends, a trampoline is great – it allows you to do almost anything. So whether that’s doing a stepping and jumping routine, or focusing on lunges, twists and jumping jacks, you’ll be able to pack in a fun and blood-pumping workout.




We love rushing out to our gardens and lapping up the sunwaves when they come out, don’t we? Now with the rule of six into play, we can start enjoying each other’s company again whilst tanning ourselves. If you’ve already got a seat but want something different, go for this Outsunny sun bed. It can fit up to six people, but it’s also ideal for giving two people plenty of room to relax and stretch out – so you’re covered no matter how many people come over to visit. Plus, the retractable canopy on the back will keep you protected.

If however, you’d like to just spend time with one other person, then grab yourself these two loungers. They’re long and wide for plenty of room, with a thick long cushion and adjustable angle back to keep you comfortable. The PE rattan makes it perfect for yearly use outdoors, and it also comes with a small side table, so you can keep everything you need close to you without having to move a muscle!





As it’s next weekend, then why not bring your friends and their kids together? (Kids are legally not counted within the rule of six), so you won’t have to restrict your amount of parent-friends on the Sunday. If you want to keep things as hygienic as possible, we suggest giving everyone individual baskets and also segregating your garden and assigning specific time slots – awarding prizes at the end so there’s a fare share of chocolate for you and the kids.





Going to watch films with friends has certainly been missed. As the evening draws in, hosting your own mini-film session is a lovely thing to do. Creating a cosy and warm spot full of ambience will bring the magic into the set-up.

Your first port of call is going for a large rattan seating set. We love this double corner option from Outsunny, which will easily hold everyone. Each seat is large so there’s plenty of space and the supplied cushions are very comfortable. It’s a tough and durable set, which is very much an investment piece you’ll be using this season and for more ahead. If you don’t have a corner to use in your garden, then how about this semi-circle shaped set?  Just like the former, there’s plenty of space and it’s built to last quite some time. Although meant for five people, it can squeeze in six thanks to its roomy sizing.

For the drinks, how about this rattan-effect ice box? It’s made to be used outdoors and has a 45 litre capacity, meaning there’s plenty of holding room for your beverages all evening long.

As we’re still in the beginning of spring, it can get rather chilly, especially when the sun starts to draw out. To counter this, then a fire pit is your answer. This brand-new addition to the Outsunny collection is fit to keep everyone warm. What’s even better, is that it can be used to grill food so it will keep everyone happy, fed and cosy – what other combination could you want more!

To finish your perfect garden cinema set up, make sure you’ve got a projector with a great film to watch, soft unobtrusive lighting and plenty of cushions and throws surrounding you all to sink in and switch off.


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